Blake and holly dating

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"I go to church every Sunday and how I work in life is giving 10% back to the church.

My church is opening up another church in Ventura so I'm going to write a check to them to gelp get that started. I think it comes with a small curse."You get engaged at the end if that happens and you fall in love and the girl falls in love with you, but the next ten weeks or so are really difficult.

's Michael Stagliano picked up the 0,000 cash prize alongside partner Holly Durst on this week's season finale, but he was also in for a nasty shock when he discovered ex-fiancee Holly had recently become engaged to fellow Were you surprised you won? We were going over names and who we thought we had locked in as votes and who Graham and Michelle had locked in.

I was sure it would be a 9-5 or even closer like an 8-6 split.

We had four people we were pretty sure would vote for us and three people we thought would vote for them. I was definitely not expecting to win and very surprised we did."How close did you come to picking keep with the prize money?

"It's so bad to say this, but honestly, one of the things I thought about in the deliberation room is if I chose keep, right before I pulled it I could have said, 'Holly, you got Blake out of this and that's great... I'm going to take the money out of this'."I don't think the audience and the people watching would have been like, 'He's horrible for doing that, what an asshole'. But the bigger part of me was screaming that I shook her hand before this, during it and literally on stage."We kind of talked about the fact we would split.

It made it hard to be friends with Holly and Blake and really wish them well - I do wish them well but that really upsets me."Holly spoke about a conversation you had before the show when you said you didn't want to get back together until it was over. "We talked about a week before we went on the show and hung out the next few days.' and that's when my heart dropped and I thought, 'oh God, what is this?' I didn't black out but I have no idea what happened the next 20 minutes.' I thought they were trying to see if I knew she was moving to South Carolina and moving in with Blake, which is pretty big news too.This is embarrassing now but I felt totally in control and felt great about it."Then I saw Chris say 'Holly, why don't you tell him?

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