Dating pre 64 winchesters

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Even if it's done well, it may require a lot of Willing Suspension of Disbelief. As an Ending Trope, all spoilers on this page are unmarked.

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We stock this book because you need it and will benefit tremendously and enjoy your collection a lot more because of it. This was published by Panther Publications, forerunner of Paladin Press and is basically a civilian printing of a U. Whatever Wilson’s personal shortcomings, his books are interesting and loaded with great photos of great guns.

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Unlike Sam Colt, or Oliver Winchester, or John Browning, who invented guns and the set out to sell them, Mainhardt (and MBA and his other companies) were in business to make money and had never considered making guns.

This superbly researched book, which will stand as the definitive history of this hitherto little known field, tells the complete story.It is well written, precise in its statements of fact (or conjecture where necessary) and thoroughly sourced.The illustrations are excellent (although a bit small when dealing with tiny items) and many of the items shown are sole survivors or made in very small numbers, largely courtesy of Mainhardt himself.This important contribution to arms and ammunition history also provides details of “how” the items were made, and “who” was involved in their inspiration, design and manufacture, and sales, mostly drawing on unlimited access to Robert Mainhardt, the brains behind MBA and Gyrojet.Even more astonishing are the insights into “why” these items were invented and manufactured.

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