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(Even the "original" repository, which no longer exists, was itself a dump/reload of a previous format repository using, I think, Subversion 1.7.) Original comment by garretwilson Thanks Garret for the detailed description and for sending me a copy of revision 1925. Please grep the db/revs folder for the strings "r1925/54" and " 5460".This is what I have learned so far: * Most of the 1.9 repository contents (tree structure, file contents) is correct and consistent. A list of files plus the respective matching line contents will do - or the info that those strings could not be found.I have a backup of a dump file from Subversion 1.8. The fact that the supposedly corrupt revision was the second to last revision (out of almost 2000 after well over a decade) I do not think is a coincidence.I have a dump file from the 1.8 repository using Subversion 1.9. Original comment by garretwilson Keep in mind that when I was running the Subversion 1.9 binaries, I could update to HEAD with no problem---it was only when I tried to list the history of a file (from Java HL from Subclipe from within Eclipse 4.5) that the error occurred.You might try to run 'svnadmin load --bypass-prop-validation' and see whether the corruption is reproducible. (1.8) Create and load new repo from (new-repo-normalized-1.8).

* The problem is reproducible even if the repository contents gets modified slightly. Some of these pointers will be used during load to pick a suitable base revision for deltification. And note that I used the exact string you gave me in the second search, so I assume the leading space was significant.

The part about svnsync turned out not to be relevant---but dies indicate the frustration I went through because svnadmin can't be kind enough to normalize my EOL's from eons past.

I find a corrupt repository very odd; if so, it is most likely the fault of Subversion 1.9.

* Revision 1925 was the second-to-last revision in the repository at the time that I did a svnadmin load using Subversion 1.9 with --bypass-prop-validation.

* Keep in mind that on Subversion 1.9 on the server I got this error using the repository that I had loaded using --bypass-prop-validation.

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