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One of the biggest problems in this whooooole story, is that Senegence never bothered to go back to their P P and update them for technology and social changes. As a Senegence distributor, you buy the product at wholesale price, and resell it at retail value, keeping the profits as your commission. Well they started it as a business to do in home parties. Tupperware parties, Mary-Kay makeover parties, yeah, those. ” since distributors are supposed to push the “Senegence choice”, another huge problem. My team and I set out to find a way to sell inventory faster and more efficient. In the P P it says you can not “conduct business on any site besides a Senesite (which is a crappy, terrible, outdated and ugly storefront website that the company bends you over for a month to maintain)”. Instead you added items to an invoice, then submitted the invoice for approval and payment details. After all, ANOTHER DISTRIBUTOR (*This distributor is not associated with this blog in any way) received these emails from compliance: Huzaah!!! So they all just take shots in the dark and hope the issue never comes up again. So I wait, and then I find out that this same compliance department told another Crown Princess and her girls that they CAN use the new modified Shopify sites, my version that everyone is now copying even though we took ours down to show good faith, and they are STILL not writing me back. To contribute financially, spend more time with their families, and have the freedom this company dangles in their face. This is a group of the “leaders” where they mainly take screenshots of “naughty” distributors, post the screenshot and say “whose girl is this” and then guilt you into making her change something. Lots of girls are using an incentive to get people to sign up, paying their sign up fee. Offered everyone a free sign up offer back in September 2015. Up until this point really your only option was to keep track of things on an Excel spreadsheet, do postage on another site, track taxes on your own, agh. So then I do the only thing left I can think of, and email the head of the company herself, Joni. That’s NOT what they get when they sign up and have to become a production factory in their home. The girl who just signed up a week ago seeing all this crazy success these other distributors are having. It’s because she is a normal person with a normal or lower than normal household income and can’t be irresponsible. So REALLY, tons and tons of people aren’t actually buying Lip Sense. ESPECIALLY the ranked girls making -0k a month, because you HAVE to order 0 to 0 a month just to get your check and other incentives. finally a place I can get legit answers on random things and not have to rely on word of mouth! It’s a good idea, and if you can afford the risk of them signing up and not being profitable, that’s your call. We are 160 out from that and things are just worse. I worked harder than most of the mean girls in the Crown Princess group would ever do in their lives. I used to tell my team to hold on, take a break and then come back, wait it out, it WILL get better. The final straw for me was in February when Joni sent a secret message to all the CP’s and above telling us that on friday they were going to secure some facility that was going to drastically improve things, and that in 90 days things would be way better.

You don’t see Target complaining every time they lose a customer to Wal-Mart do you? Do what YOU feel is within the rules until you get a letter from compliance telling you not to.” What in the hell is so wrong with that? It’s not becoming of a Crown Princess to not agree with every single damn thing Senegence says.

With a whopping 50 million members, Netflix offers all the latest movies on any device that has the Netflix app.

But there’s a catch—you need a credit card to create an account; or do you?

With cable television rushing out the door, it’s no wonder people are scrambling to find the best way to watch movies, television series’ and sports without having to mortgage your house to do it.

So, how do you watch Netflix without a credit card? Even though Hulu is blazing a trail for television sites (boasting #3 in the streaming wars), Netflix also offers a fair amount to television series as well.

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