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These locations are identified by a red ticket icon next to each theater’s name.

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If you would like to use the service immediately, feel free to check our app for e-ticketing theaters, which allow you to retrieve your same day ticket, without the Movie Pass card.In recent weeks, we’ve received hundreds of thousands of emails and tens of thousands of chats through our customer service channels.Though we increased our staff in anticipation of the new plan, the response has been overwhelming. Did anyone see any photographs of anyone on the floor of the bathroom bleeding profusely? It is solely intended to highlight the fact that Flores & Kermit saw the additional bathroom photographs, but then ultimately decided it would be in to exclude them from evidence as it didn’t quite fit with their M. Logic dictates that the photographs probably validate Jodi’s testimony regarding the sequence of events — hence the exclusion. The last picture taken of Travis alive was at 1730 hours. Setting aside the fact that Flores is a lying bastard at the best of times — (which is why he got demoted immediately after the trial) — he saw those bathroom pics, even though he couldn’t (for whatever reason) identify whoever was did those specific photographs never get brought into evidence? This post is not intended to contradict Jodi’s testimony or her account of TA’s unprovoked attack.

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