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Hello to everybody interested in learning and/or improving their English and Modern Foreign Language abilities!I have had 34 years experience of teaching in the UK, Sweden, Germany, Italy, France EFL/ESL/ESOL as well as Foreign Languages (German, French, Spanish, Italian) My Lessons are realistic and relevant to your learning needs.

One section of the course involved Stephen teaching us a lesson in German as a demonstration of how to teach a language to someone whose native tongue you don't speak.

If I ever felt confused about certain aspects of the course, he was very approachable and helpful.

Having spent 20 hours being taught by Stephen I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Allowing the class to experience first-hand the position of the student through some role-playing, it allowed us to understand the position of both student and teacher holistically. I would have no hesitation in recommending Stephen in any form of teaching position, whether it be in language or as a general instructor.

His patience and friendliness created a great atmosphere that fostered easy learning, and allowed for experimentation without fear of failure or embarrassment.

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