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US spy chiefs are said to have told their counterparts at MI6 that the Islamist militant, who left Kent to join Isis in 2013, was killed close to the border between Syria and Iraq in June.

A US Air Force Predator strike reportedly took her out as she was attempting to flee Raqqa – which is currently the subject of intense fighting as Isis are driven back by coalition forces.

In 2016, she reportedly called on women in London, Glasgow and Cardiff to carry out terror attacks during the holy month of Ramadan.

US intelligence chiefs have said they are not 100 per cent certain that she is the one was who killed as it is impossible to retrieve DNA evidence.

Disturbing footage: The paramilitary troops were abducted by Pakistan's Taliban on December 23 and in the video, they are shown to be handcuffed, blindfolded and lined up, before being shot at point-blank range One of the abducted soldiers, sitting alongside his comrades with their arms folded and legs crossed in front of Taliban banners, describes on the video how dozens of insurgents stormed their fort in the north-western Tank district of Pakistan.

‘They attacked us with rockets, killed a sentry,’ he said. The video shows one of the men shoving a clip into his assault rifle and fires a few rounds into the back of the heads of a few of the soldiers.

while the chant 'God is greatest,' is heard in the background The video then shows the men standing quietly. ‘We will cross all limits to avenge your blood,’ the chants said, referring to fighters killed by Pakistani security forces.

Other fighters step up and take turns pumping bullets into the men, some wearing green military uniforms.

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