Sexy pictures with words for my webpage

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The app also has the makings of a sustainable business model: it will charge users a dollar a month for the service.

Of course, the big platforms could go after this market themselves, if they wanted to.

The combination of ever-more-powerful cameras and ever-more-convenient sharing mechanisms has made the exchange of explicit pictures a fact of life for nearly everyone seeking romantic connections online.

Yet when it comes to managing explicit photographs, technology generally has not been our friend.

(This only works for photos in the first release, so you’ll need to manually import any sensitive amateur films that may be on your camera roll.) When Nude finds what it believes to be nude photos, it moves them to a private, PIN-protected vault inside the app.

But that's precisely the point: no two women want the same thing in bed, and by getting this wildly detailed sneak peak into their psyches, you can arm yourself with the knowledge that'll make you absolutely invincible in the sack.This is possible thanks to Core ML, the machine learning framework Apple introduced with i OS 11.(Tensorflow performs a similar function on Android devices; an Android version of Nude is in the works.) These libraries allow developers to do machine learning-intensive tasks such as image recognition on the device itself, without transmitting the image to a server.“As I get ready to come, it’s important that you don’t change anything. Just like that.’” —Essay #69“Caring whether or not a woman comes is a great way to make sure a woman comes.If you move your hand or shift the direction of your stroking, I might lose the feeling.

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