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Skype for Windows Phone has 2 presence states "Available" or "Invisible", legacy presence states are mapped to these.

As this is a preview release, then there are few known issues, which we are working hard to address.

Unfortunately, many video calls over Skype ending up looking grainy, dark, blurry, and choppy.

Incoming call notifications and a Live Tile will notify you of missed conversations.

Start by downloading the app now from the Windows Phone Store, and if you don't have Windows Phone 8 - be sure to check out the range of new devices here.

Keep in mind that this release is still in Preview state which means that the experiences are not yet final. Discuss what matters on Skype Support Network or just comment in this blog.

Visual notification of call being held by remote party.

See when the person on the other end of the call puts you on hold. Skype for Windows Phone now shows presence in the contact list.

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